First ever visit by 5th Bishop of Diocese of Barrackpore at Magrahat pastorate.

5th Bishop of Barrackpore Diocese,(C.N.I ) Rt. Rev. Paritosh Canning visited Magrahat Pastorate on 23rd September 2018.


After a long waiting, all our longings have come to an end with the arrival of our honourable Bishop at Magrahat pastorate. We were eagerly waiting and planned for the day with enthusiasm. The Bishop arrived at 8:45 a.m. and we heartily welcomed him with songs and music.

Church service 

Reaching the church,The Bishop conducted church service along with our honourable priest Rev. Ajay Kumar Sardar and Secretary of Diocese of Barrackpore, Rev. David Roy. We had a beautiful sermon on the life of Jesus' disciple Thomas. After the church service, we shoot photos with our Bishop.
Church visit

We were quite stunting by observing the enthusiasm and energy of Bishop during his visit to all the churches of Magrahat Pastorate.
It was a great privilege for us to spent the whole day with him.He provided his valuable message individually to all the churches. Green coconut boosted his energy to accomplish his aim of the visit. It takes almost 8 p.m. to reach our final destination; Salkia. At last it was the time to say him goodbye.             
Natural energy drink

This experience will remain evergreen in our memory.We are blessed to have such a caring Bishop among us.We pray to God to give him strength and endurance to lead the flock of Diocese of Barrackpore.Amen
Magrahat Youths with Bishop


Magrahat Pastorate

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